Waterproof Bravery Bandages

By Welly

We believe in living life to the fullest, and embracing all the didn't-see-that-coming moments along the way. No one plans on taking a tumble or getting distracted at exactly the wrong time–but it leads you to something wonderful - Welly!


  • 39 count waterproof bandages
  • Includes 3 nautical patterns
  • Ultra thin and flexible, 2x more absorbent than other brands
  • The bandage seals on all 4 sides to help keep germs + dirt away
  • Tin container is reusable, recyclable, and dare we say collectible?
  • Free of common allergens - no latex, sesame oil, gluten, silicone, or animal products
  • Tin measures 4" x 4" 



Be Welly, Live Welly.

Welly is for everyone that was afraid to fall down, fail, get bumped, get scratched and did it anyway. Welly is for the wellness in all of us, however that looks, and for being prepared for whatever comes our way.

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