Usagi Bunny Chimes

A pair of delightful, inseparable rabbits!  Like famous lovebirds, they chime while they jiggle.  A perfect little nursery gift for some-bunny special!


  • Black, White + natural wood
  • Dimensions: 150 x 180 x 70 mm


ABOUT Kiko+ & gg*

Designed to spark creativity + imagination in every child, Kiko+ & gg*  is a minimalist-design wooden toy & gift brand from Osaka, Japan.  Founded by two Japanese female toy designers, Kaz and Novi, the company has been making eco-friendly toys for over 10 years.  Working closely with both Japanese and international designers, the brand is known for reinventing disposable plastic toys into longer lasting wooden creations.  Toys are always created with fun, functionality and design in mind.